Vitamin B 17:


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What is vitamin B17

Vitamin B17 is a substance called amygdalin or laertile, a natural substance derived from the seeds of certain plants such as apricots, apples, grapes, peaches, cherries, clover and bitter almonds.

A common mistake is the designation of amigdalin that can cause body toxicity as vitamin.

What are the benefits of vitamin B17?

ne of the proven benefits of vitamin B17 is:

Strengthen the immune system by its ability to produce white blood cells to stimulate the attack of pathogens.

Common uses that have not proven effective for vitamin B17 include:

  • Treatment of high pressure because it contains thiocyanate which contributes to pressure reduction, but there are no studies showing whether this efficacy is instantaneous or effective in the long term, so vitamin B17 is not recommended to treat high pressure or replacement.
  • Treatment of cancer; As long as vitamin B17 is promoted as a cancer treatment, this has increased the risk that some patients are going to use it instead of cancer treatments that have proven effective. Increased use of vitamin B17 has increased its toxicity which thus increases the health problems associated with it.
  • Relieve joint pain.

Where is vitamin B17?
Seeds of some fruits such as apricots, apples, peaches, strawberry seeds, berries, grapefruit, linen.
Nuts such as cashews and bitter almonds.
Grains such as sorghum (white corn), barley,

Vitamin B17 and cancer:

Recently, a false propaganda has spread that cancer is only a deficiency in vitamin B17.

It should be emphasized that no clinical studies demonstrate the effectiveness of this substance in the treatment of cancer, rather the recommended doses for cancer treatment are high doses that can cause toxicity and lead to death, due to the transformation of amygdalin into toxic cyanide.

Vitamin B17 cancer treatment claims are due to the following reasons:

  • Vitamin B17 strengthens the immune system.
  • Vitamin B17 detoxifies the body.
  • Vitamin B17 keeps people alive for as long as possible

Apricot seeds for cancer treatment:

  • Apricot seed contains the nucleus, which is characterized by its white colour and gradually turns brown when dry or exposed to air.
  • Apricot seed nucleus is characterized by containing many oils, proteins and carbohydrates that are in the medical therapeutic field, and also used for cooking purposes.
  • Apricot seed nucleus is known for containing vitamin E and amygdalin (known as vitamin B17)

Notorious that apricot seeds are used to treat and prevent cancer, how true is this information?

  • The apricot seed nucleus contains Amygdalin, which turns the body into cyanide, a toxic substance that prevents the body’s cells from using oxygen in high doses (50-60 apricot grain nuclei leading to death).
  • The kernel of apricot seeds should also not be given to children even if by half the nucleus of the seed.
  • There is no truth to the effectiveness of apricot seeds in cancer treatment according to the latest Food and Drug Administration:
  • ‘There are no studies to demonstrate the effectiveness and efficiency of amygdalin in cancer treatment, as cancer patients are replacing amygdalin with the effective treatment used for cancer ‘.
  • Side effects of vitamin B17:
  • High heat.
  • headache.
  • Fatigue.
  • liver problems.
  • A drop in pressure.
  • Nerve damage.
  • Loss of consciousness, and may lead to death as taking approximately 50-60 apricots or 50 grams of medication is sufficient to cause death.
  • The use of amygdalin as a vitamin B17 and market is known for various forms, such as intravenous or intramuscular injections, vitamin B17 pills (tablets).

It should be noted that the use of vitamin B17 as drug tablets has greater side symptoms than intravenous or intravenous injections, because the beneficial bacteria and enzymes in the stomach transform amygdalin into cyanide, which is responsible for its toxicity.


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