10-Type of unexpected foods to combat diabetes


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Diabetes is a very common disease, especially with widespread obesity and poor diets. In order to be healthy and to prevent the risk of infection, you must be fully aware of the right diet for your body and its quality.

The following are some foods that can help in the fight against diabetes, according to the website “Healthy Panda”:


This wonderful fruit has many benefits that make it a good food to fight diabetes. A study by iShow University in Taiwan revealed that eating a guava after getting rid of its shell can reduce blood sugar absorption, as well as being high in vitamin C, which can reduce cell damage associated with diabetes.


Many experts emphasize that red meat is harmful to human health, but the fact that red meat, especially beef, is a useful food in the fight against diabetes because it is rich in proteins. Protein-rich foods are known to give a long-term sense of satiety to human beings and discourage unhealthy food intake and reduce hunger, meaning less insulin intake.


Avocado, that soft green fruit, is a rare food that does not harm the digestive tract, it is rich in slow-digesting mono-saturated fat that keeps blood sugar against rising more than necessary after eating. Good fats in avocado can also help reverse the effects of insulin resistance and stop any risks arising from diabetes.


These bright brown seeds treat diabetes in three different ways. Flaxseeds are rich in proteins, healthy fats, fibre and a great source of magnesium. Magnesium is an important metal that helps cells use insulin and fat metabolism. Flaxseed is a valuable and real addition to diabetic diet. For the preservation of flax seeds it is recommended to buy them in large quantity and keep them in the refrigerator.


This tropical fruit, which grows in India and the Philippines, has great benefit in the fight against diabetes, and only 100 grams of it can treat obesity symptoms, which are the main causes of diabetes, by reducing fatty tissue inflammation.


An apple a day may not dispense you with a doctor’s visit but it certainly helps you to be healthy, it is low in calories but it contains a high percentage of fiber (4 grams per apple) and controls hunger and thus limits the need for insulin injections between meals.

Apples are also useful in resisting bad cholesterol and protect against high blood sugar levels. One apple with oats and milk in the morning is a balanced breakfast.


Dr. Nicholas Fuller of the Clinical Trials Unit of the Boden Institute of the University of Sydney in Australia tested eggs by proving that a person who eggs for 3 months controlled their appetite better than a person who did not eat eggs. There have also been no indications of increased cholesterol for people with type 2 diabetes and eggs.

Egg protein is rich in amino acids and other vital nutrients. People believe that eating egg yolks is harmful, but eating one or two yolks a day does not harm most people. In addition, eggs curb hunger pains, making it an excellent choice for people wanting to fight diabetes


A well-known problem for people with diabetes is the risk of heart disease, so eating one serving of fish a week reduces the chance of heart disease by 40%. Fish has healthy fats that have a positive effect on the body, and fatty acids help reduce inflammation in the body, along with diabetes symptoms such as insulin resistance


The menu is considered incomplete if it is free of this wonderful vegetable, as it is known that broccoli treasure does not dispense with health benefits. It is rich in antioxidants and enough vitamin C, and broccoli also contains good amounts of chromium which regulates blood sugar with veins and arteries.


Barley grain consumption can reduce blood sugar rise by 70% after meals, and it also has a great ability to slow digestion due to soluble fibers, giving the body constant energy from carbs or starches.

Many nutritionists believe that barley beans are better than brown rice in terms of sustainable energy and also contain chromium, magnesium and vitamin B1.


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